Thesis Statement Examples to Write an Essay Introduction

Thesis Statement Examples to Write an Essay Introduction

Some aspects of writing are more challenging than others. Thesis statement is one of them. Most students find it tricky to write a thesis statement, because they don’t have proper understanding of it.

Well! If you are struggling with writing a thesis statement.

Stop worrying!

We are here to help. Continue reading and find some easy and effective thesis statement examples as well as a few tips to write a perfect thesis statement.

1. What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the crux of the whole essay, it sums up the whole essay or research paper in one sentence. It is the concise summary of claim or main idea of paper that clearly identifies the topic being discussed. It is usually written at the end of the introductory paragraph.

It offers the complete idea of the essay to the reader in a precise and clear sentence. It expresses what your essay is about and what are you going to discuss in your essay. On the basis of thesis statement, a reader decides whether he wants to continue and read further or don't want to follow the story anymore. To write a solid thesis statement, it should contain the following characteristics:

  • It is focused on main point or central idea
  • The main point of your essay (central idea)
  • Purpose of essay
  • A reason why you support this idea?
  • A counterargument
  • Authentic information to support your idea.
  • Guideline for the reader, what he should expect from your essay.

2. How to Create a Thesis Statement?

Creating a thesis statement is the trickiest task of the whole essay. There are some basic rules that you can follow to create an interesting and effective thesis statement for your essay.

  • Start with a question: construct a question of your topic and make the answer your thesis.
  • Tailor the statement according to the type of paper or essay you are writing
  • Try to address your specific stance on the topic.
  • Make the argument you have never seen before.
  • The thesis statement is the main point of your essay so make sure it is provable.

3. Thesis Statement Examples

You can't write a good introduction of your essay until you have a strong, impactful thesis statement in it. Let's see some thesis statement examples.

3.1 Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples

In an argumentative essay, the writer presents his argument and provides supporting facts to prove his argument. An argument or claim could be a proposal, an opinion, or an evaluation, or an interpretation. 

Argumentative papers are intended to persuade the reader that the argument is true. So, you need to think thoroughly while writing an argumentative thesis statement. Let's see some argumentative thesis statement examples.

  • College graduates should have job experience of a year before entering university to improve their communication skills and increase global awareness and market knowledge.
  • While some pundits have drafted graduation as something inevitable for success, this opinion should not be treated as presented.
  • Although uniforms are said to enhance the unity and community spirit, educational institutes should not force students to wear them.

3.2 Informative Thesis Statement Examples

Informative essay -as the name suggests- provides information about the topic. Typically, in the informative essay, the writer tries to answer the following question: who, why, what, where, when and how. Writing a thesis statement for an informative essay is quite easy. Let's see some of the examples:

  • People should add exercise into their daily routine because it decreases the risk of high blood pressure and keeps the body at a healthy weight.
  • Not just negative stories, fairy tales also shed a negative impact on the psychology of young children.
  • To make a jelly and peanut butter sandwich, you need to get the ingredients, find a knife and spread the dressing.

3.3 Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Examples

In a compare and contrast essay, the writer points out the differences and similarities of the selected topic. The subject belongs to the same category, but has some differences. Let's see some impressive compare and contrast thesis statements.

  • As yoga and exercise both are energy efficient activities, they both provide different health benefits.
  • Student loan policies have contributed to extensive growth in college and university tuition fees.
  • The student debt crisis is one of the most severe problems facing the country today.

3.4 Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

The research paper is an extended essay, based on true facts and figures. In a research you only write those things which have been proved or which you are going to prove through experiments or through any other research method. Here are some examples of research paper thesis statements.

  • The Internet of things and blockchain have emerged as the most exciting use cases for the technological era.
  • We must save the whales, because our planet's health depends on biological diversity.
  • Modern technology and science for renewable energy are indispensable for our future economy and society.

Let's explore some other effective thesis statements. 

3.5 Strong Thesis Statement Examples

  • Poor communication, unrealistic expectations and changing social values are increasing the divorce rate.
  • The internet serves as a means of communication, connecting people around the world, nurturing new friendships and an exchange of ideas that wouldn't have happened before its inception.
  • Modern cinematic techniques have enabled filmmakers to use more graphic in horror movies which desensitized American's youth to violence.

3.6 Good Thesis Statement Examples

  • Rather than encouraging students to take admission in a famous and top-ranked university, we should instead focus on improving our institutes and validity of our education system.
  • The typical college student life is identified by time spent studying, attending college, and socializing with friends.
  • High levels of alcohol consumption have harmful effects on a person's health, i.e. heart disease, weight gain and liver complications.

3.7 Thesis Statement Examples for Essays

  • The south and north fought the civil war for various reasons, few were similar, and few were different.
  • The government should ban alcohol for high school and college students, it has a detrimental effect on teenager's health.
  • Reading helps in enhancing comprehension skills by increasing vocabulary and opening the door to the new world that might not otherwise encounter.

4. Tips to Write a Thesis Statement

Writing an effective thesis statement is very important. Because it presents the whole idea of the paper/essay. Here we have presented some tips which you can follow to write an effective thesis statement.

  • Write the thesis statement correctly so that it acts as a road map for the reader.
  • Your thesis statement should be identifiable, it should be written in a particular tone.
  • Know the place where your thesis statement should be. Because it has an impactful role, it should come at the start of your essay.
  • A thesis statement is not just a statement or a fact, rather it is more an arguable statement. You should write your thesis statement as it demonstrates your analytical and critical thinking skill.
  • A thesis statement should be designed as it takes a stand and justify the further discussion. It should persuade the reader.
  • Limit it to 1-2 sentences. Try to make it just one statement.
  • Once you are done with your thesis statement, analyze it, revise it. Make sure it is free of grammatical and error mistakes. Make sure it is making sense and have all the necessary content.
  • Refining your thesis is the most important task which shouldn't be ignored.

We have provided you some good examples and thesis writing tips in this blog. We hope that they will help you get started with your thesis statement. However, if you still have some questions and need some professional help, feel free to contact us for placing your order. Our professionals will help you write a perfect thesis statement for your next paper.


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