Learn How to Write a Research Proposal - Expert Guide

Learn How to Write a Research Proposal - Expert Guide

Starting your research always seems to be scary. Before you start your research, you have to submit a research proposal. And you don’t know how to craft a perfect research proposal.

This makes it a little harder to start your research. But the good thing is that you can learn proposal writing.

Here is how you can write a good research proposal.

1. What is a Research Proposal?

Before you even start writing your research paper proposal, you might be thinking what a research proposal is?

It is a request to approve your research project. In your research proposal, you present and justify the reasons you want to do your research project.

You give a bit of an overview of the research project, in how much time will you complete it, what value will it bring to the community, and how it can help future researchers further their research in this particular field.

You also provide a little overview of the background work. Which helps the committee understand your future contribution.

1.1 Why is a Research Proposal Important?

Research is important for your degree, and that makes your proposal even more important. It is a part of your research documents.

Even if you are an expert, you have to justify the importance of your research and that you can do by crafting a perfect research proposal.

It is a pre-research task that lets you communicate with the approving committee, the sponsors, or the conducting committee. By interacting with them, you tell them that you are worth to be part of this research field, and you can add a considerable chunk of the research into this area.

In some cases, your scholarship also becomes dependent on your research proposal. As your research supervisor accept your project, you get the acceptance letter, and then you get the admission. And then you get your scholarship.

2. How to Write a Research Proposal?

Here is a complete guide where you can learn to prepare a research proposal.

Before you start writing your research paper, you have to have the basic knowledge of the structure of the research paper proposal.

2.1 Research Proposal Outline

For the best research proposal, start with your proposal outlines. It will make your journey very easy as you will know all the steps which you will have to follow to reach the destination of your perfect research paper proposal.

Outlines will put your proposal into the best structure required for your proposal.

You can follow the following format and write the same content in the table of contents.

  • Research Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Aims and objectives
  • Research methodology
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Research Results
  • Citations/Bibliography

Each of them is discussed here.

2.2 Research Title

The very first page of your proposal will be your title page. It should be catchy yet academic. Craft a title that grabs the reader's attention and also reflects how important your project is.

Your research topic is the very first impression that falls on the reader. That means a boring a hard to understand title can push the reader to pay less attention.

2.3 Abstract

The abstract is one of the key elements of the research proposal. Some boards and research groups prefer to read the abstract only to understand your research standard.

Your proposal abstract summarizes your research in less than 250 words. You need to talk about the research question, its objectives, the methodology you will follow i-e, how you will tackle the research problem. There is no need to go to extra details. The purpose of the abstract is to let the reader know about the target findings and the results.

2.4 Introduction

Most people confuse the introduction to the abstract part. They mix up the content of both sections.

Basically, the introduction is the first part of your proposal. It discusses statement of the problem, the research subject, and the background information.

Do talk about your proposed research hypothesis. Also, mention the hurdles expected in the research project. Unlike the abstract, the introduction also provides knowledge about the importance of the research you are going to conduct.

2.5 Literature Review

The literature review is a relatively simpler and easier part. In this section, you will talk about the background study you have done to reach this point. In general, an extensive study is being done before writing a proposal.

As when you decide on a topic, you develop a basic understanding, and you mention that in your proposal to help your reader understand the subject and let them know that you have studied the topic thoroughly.

2.6 Aims and Objectives

You can keep this section relatively short. Here you will talk about the main objectives and aims of your research. Your proposal reviewers can jump into this section, as it answers the core questions of your research.

2.7 Research Methodology

This section is where you provide detailed information about your research design, i-e, how you would conduct your research. If you are pursuing a technical degree, your research can contain simulations and emulation, and in non-technical, you can conduct surveys and for the rest of everything in between.

Whatever research methods you will follow, do explain it here that your proposal reviewer may find out what exactly will you do to reach your results.

2.8 Ethical Considerations

Fields like medical research and few others need to take into consideration the ethical values. The reason is, different aspects of people's lives and rights come in between your research collecting the data required for your findings.

So you have to be careful in data collection. You are not supposed to take permission, and let the research participants that their data can be used for research purposes. In short, you need to respect the rights of the participants.

2.9 Research Results

By the time you are writing your proposal, you won't be at the very initial stages. So in this section, you can mention the proposed research and desired results. Also, you can talk about how would you process the existing data and tackle the problems.

2.10 Citations/Bibliography

In every scholarly study, you get your information from the previous researcher's work. And you also use the work to further your research objective.

To avoid plagiarism and follow research ethics, you cite their work to give them credits and authenticate the work that isn't yours.

3. Research Proposal Examples

Writing difficult formal writing always give us a tough time. And the next thing we do is run for a sample.

Here is a research proposal template you can check out for your ease.

Research Proposal Template

We have also included a couple of examples here in the document.

Research Proposal Example

4. Research Paper Topics

If you are having trouble in selecting a topic, we got your back covered.

Given below is a list of topic research topics you can choose from.

  • Reducing Air Pollution
  • Impact of Global Warming on Plants.
  • Impact of Increased Immigration
  • How Mainstream Media is Showing Selected Content and Why?
  • Marijuana for medical purposes.
  • The impact of Nuclear power plants on the environment.
  • The future of fossil fuel and its impact on ozone in the next decade.
  • The future of transportation: flying cars or The Boring Company?

Did you not find a good topic? Here is a long list of research topics you can choose from.

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