Expository Essay - A Comprehensive Guideline

Expository Essay - A Comprehensive Guideline

Do you ever get a task for planning and writing an expository essay?

If you are struggling with this kind of essay writing you have got the right destination.

The following article will provide you a detailed guideline about the writing and structure of an exceptional expository essay.

1. What is an Expository Essay?

An expository essay explains an idea and its relevant arguments. Unlike an argumentative essay, this type of essay focuses on explaining an idea only. Like its name, an expository writing exposes an idea and its supporting evidence. Here you will convey useful information to your audience that you need to explain in an objective and unbiased way. You can perform this task successfully by in-depth expository writing.

1.1 Expository Essay Definition

Exposing means uncovering or discovering something so that others know what it is. Similarly, the word ‘expository’ originates from exposition. The expository essay is a genre of writing that justifies, illustrates, clarifies or describes something to the readers in a simple way. An argumentative essay is different and involves proving your viewpoint with solid and relevant evidence.

A well detailed guide on how to write an argumentative essay explains how to achieve it through different research and writing methods.

1.2 What is the Purpose of an Expository Essay?

Expository writing means to ‘expose’ something. This kind of writing explains and enlightens its readers about the respective idea. Many students confuse it with an argumentative essay since it also involves in-depth explanation. However, it is different than an argumentative essay and involves explanation only.

After understanding what an expository essay is, you must be thinking about the purpose of such an essay.

As we described in the paragraph above, the purpose of an expository essay is to explain a specific topic. Your aim to write the essay is to explore a subject and explain it to the readers. It differs from an argumentative essay in a way that your essay should not be based on opinions. Following important points must be kept in mind during the writing process.

  • Learn as much as you can to understand your topic sentence
  • Go through different essay topics and expository essay samples
  • Look for the evidence to help
  • Prepare an outline
  • Develop a writing style and a rough draft
  • Write the updated version

2. How to Start an Expository Essay?

The very first step in starting the expository essay is planning. Without planning, you can achieve nothing and will be left with nothing. Therefore, before starting anything, it is important that you plan ahead.

Before writing an expository essay, plan the sections that you will add into your essay. Some other things that you should decide on include:

  • Choosing the topic
  • Researching relevant data and information
  • Choosing the ideas to add into the essay
  • Making the topic sentences
  • Separating the information that will be added in different sections
  • Adding points and details under each section and heading
  • Finalizing the draft
  • Revising and proofreading the essay

After you are done with this section, move on to the outline section.

3. How to Write an Expository Essay Outline?

An important point about the expository essay structure is to draft its outline. Following is the step by step outline format that is followed in an expository essay.

3.1 Introduction

The introduction should be informative as well as related to the topic sentence. It should provide the background and context data. Do not assume the audience knows a lot about the subject.

Therefore, this paragraph essay should give general information to explain the journal context. Moreover, the last sentence of the introduction should be about a topic sentence that needs to be precise and powerful. It is called the thesis statement that describes the entire purpose of your essay.

3.2 Body Paragraphs

After writing a strong, informative and interesting introduction, the next important task is to begin with the body paragraphs. The main goal of this section is to give a thorough investigation of your subject. This type of essay should gather all the evidence to explain your specific topic.

3.3 Conclusion

After explaining and defining the subject with the solid proof, the next primary part is to conclude the work. Like the introduction, this section should also be relatively short but solid enough to explain all the information described above.

One should process the essay by summarizing the thesis, facts and evidence. This part should also discuss the significance of the subject matter while providing an opportunity to reveal the unanswered questions. Lastly, do not introduce new information as it would result in a new discussion.

4. Expository Essay Types

If you want to get the best grade and invest less time and effort, you should learn to write these contrast essays. There are six major types of expository essays.

4.1 Cause and Effect Essay

Essays on the causes and effects require an object or system review. This needs students to dig a little deeper and figure out why and the consequences of an incident happened. Critical analysis and effective writing skills are the two most important elements required for the cause and effect essays. Moreover, reading these essays helps you to explore the effect on something in the context of other people or events.

4.2 Problem and Solution Essay

Problem and solution papers are the typical academic assignments under which problems are identified and reported. Furthermore, possible solutions to resolve the issues are also discussed. This essay process to shed light on a problem and come up with a valid solution.

4.3 Classification Essay

A large topic is divided into different categories and carefully classified in a classification essay. First, the writer describes a specific topic in general and then explores in depth into each section.

There should be at least five paragraphs in this type of task. An introduction, three or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You need to use only one method while dividing into categories.

4.4 Comparison and Contrast Essay

Based on their similarities and differences, a comparison or contrast essay includes the examination and analysis of two objects. Keep in mind that the correlation between the two objects should belong to the same cater. By using the point-by-point model, the relation or comparison to the other is accompanied by each similarity or difference of one aspect.

Therefore, make sure that you study the subject well enough to comment on all aspects. To make the process even simple, check an online compare and contrast essay guide to know how to write this type of essay.

4.5 Definition Essay

This type of essay provides a comprehensive explanation of a complicated concept in the introductory paragraph. Secondly, the writer must break down the definition into structured components in the body paragraphs. However, the conclusion paragraph must summarize the main points of the statements. One should choose a familiar subject to work because it will require less time and energy.

However, the conclusion paragraph must summarize the main points of the statements. One should choose a familiar subject to work because it will require less time and energy.

4.6 Process Essay

It is a type of descriptive essay that explains the procedures or the necessary steps involved in doing something. The paragraphs of the body include the key steps to complete the process. Lastly, the writer should remind the reader about the importance of the process in the conclusion paragraph.

5. Expository Essay Topics

Below is a list of different expository essay topics that can help you to get better grades.

5.1 Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

  • What can a teenager do if they fail to graduate from college?
  • What are the effects of alcohol addiction among youngsters?
  • Why is a school uniform supposed to exist?
  • What are you going to change as a country's president?
  • Discuss your character's strong point of view.
  • Do teachers really care about students?
  • Is there a link between hunger and boredom?
  • Can read in the dark result in blindness?

5.2 Expository Essay Topics for High School

  • Does money make you a self-centered and egoistic person?
  • Describe the concept of love?
  • How are students suiciding?
  • Explain the importance of solar energy.
  • How great depression affected America?
  • Explain the importance of organizational sensitivity.
  • How can racism can be stopped?
  • Advantages of the internet.

Finding the subject that suits your interests is the secret to writing a successful essay. You can only write a great essay if the topic is of your interest.

6. Expository Essay Examples

Review these examples of expository essays to get a clearer picture if you still think that more guidance is needed. Also, remember to follow the expository essay format defined by your professor. It will help you to model your essay using the principles you have established.

Expository Essay Samples (PDF)

Expository Essay Example (PDF)

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