Compare and Contrast Essay - Easy Writing Guide

Compare and Contrast Essay - Easy Writing Guide

Have you ever get assigned to the task of writing a compare and contrast essay?

Do you find it challenging and difficult?

Read the article below to learn the essential aspects of writing a compare and contrast essay quickly.

1. What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

It is a type of essay that evaluates the similarities and differences between the two objects. Moreover, these objects will be of the same category but are different. For example, you might make comparisons and contrasts between two kinds of pets. Similarly, you can also choose to compare two books from ancient times.

This kind of essay helps the reader to make critical choices by considering all the factors that are mentioned in the essay. Also, these facts lead your conclusions to the final decision. On the other hand, a reader becomes aware of your field of study after reading a great essay.

Furthermore, the list of similarities and differences in a contrast paper can be indicated with the help of a Venn diagram.

2. How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essays require a proper essay outline and an organizational structure to follow. Therefore, avoid the use of several structures in one paper. Both the selected objects need to be analyzed thoroughly before leading to a conclusion.

Following points should be kept in mind while structuring a good compare and contrast essay.

2.1 Selecting the Objects

The first step involves the selection of the objects to compare. They should be different but from the same category group. For example, a writer can make comparisons between the two different artists instead of comparing an artist with a politician.

2.2 Identify the Similarities and Differences

A writer has to identify the similarities and differences in the second step. As mentioned earlier, creating a Venn diagram with two overlapping circles can usually facilitate this process. It helps to organize the information.

2.3 Create a Thesis Statement

The purpose of this essay is to draft the thesis statement from the similarities and differences. Identify the most significant point you have noticed during your essay writing. Moreover, also indicate what your comparison says about your thesis statement.

2.4 Choose a Suitable Organizational Structure

It is essential to choose a structure that gives sense to your main argument. Therefore, a writer should write about one object at a single time and then move to the other. Your body paragraph will also stay in line with this technique.

2.5 Craft an Outline

Craft an essay outline according to your organizational structure. Generally, an essay consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. You can always increase the number of body paragraphs if you have extensive material to mention.

2.6 Support your Thesis Statement with Evidence

Use additional evidence to support your argument. This evidence can come from detailed research, reading or personal observation. For example, it is appropriate to use personal opinions if you are comparing cats and dogs. Your argument will have a strong impact on the reader's mind this way.

2.7 Use Strong Transition Words

It is advisable to use strong transitional words to give a nice flow from one statement to the next. Use words such as both, likewise and similarly for comparing. Moreover, words like nonetheless, on the other hand, and whereas are used for contrast.

2.8 Proofread Carefully

Do not read your article immediately after writing. Give at least an hour or a day to proofread. It helps in identifying more grammar and spelling mistakes.

You can also take assistance from an online spell-check tool. Moreover, find a trusted proofreader who can read your work and indicate errors.

These steps can be helpful to write a compare and contrast essay. Nevertheless, those who don't feel comfortable with such type of writing can always rely on an online writing service.

2.9 Approaches of Compare and Contrast Essay Format

Following are the two approaches for the compare and contrast essay.

2.9.1 Alternating Method

This approach presents the ideas of both the objects separately by using point by point method. In this subject by subject method, you have to write the similarities and differences for one subject and then for the other subject.

2.9.2 Block Method

This method gives all the concepts related to the one subject and then does the same procedure for the second one.

3. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

A simple outline for an essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

3.1 Introduction

After selecting a particular topic for your essay, make a list of all the points that you will discuss in your introductory paragraph. Write them concisely and logically. Don't mention the similarities and differences at this stage. However, only compose your thesis statement.

3.2 Body

It usually takes five paragraphs for stating similarities and differences. Analyze your objects and give evidence to support your point.

3.3 Conclusion

It is essential to create a connection between the body and the conclusion of the essay. Otherwise, it will leave a reader unsatisfied and confused about the author's findings. Use transition words for a strong impact.

4. Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

The template gives a detailed understanding of the structure of the essay. Here is an example to provide you with an overall idea on how to write a perfect compare and contrast essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Template (PDF)

Compare and Contrast Essay Example (PDF)

5. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

One of the critical tasks now is the selection of your topic. Avoid using too broad or narrow topics. Instead, choose a subject of your interest to produce quality work.

The topics may vary from different categories. Here we have mentioned a unique list of topics for you to write a compare and contrast essay.

  • What are the differences between working at home and working in the office?
  • How is traditional education different from online education?
  • What are the similarities between McDonald's and KFC?
  • Compare high school and college life.
  • How was Obama's tenure better than Donald Trump?
  • What makes Mars different from the Earth?
  • Shakespeare's Othello contrast to Hamlet
  • Physical and mental stress
  • The difference between culture and religion

There is a wide range of other topics that you can choose for your essay. If you still need more ideas, we have compiled a list of compare and contrast essay topics for you.

6. Get Professional Help

Writing a compare and contrast essay requires a lot of effort and skill. Students sometimes have to opt for approaches that are often unfamiliar to them.

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