Ever got an assignment mentioning that do a compare and contrast essay? Obviously, everyone must have written this type of essay at least once in their life. Writing this type of essay is probably the most difficult type of assignment for a person. This essay focuses on two different aspects of a topic that needs to be connected in a way that both look related to each other.

Comparing differs a lot from contrasting; comparing is measuring the similarities or differences while contrasting specifically focuses on how one thing differs from the other. Selecting a perfect topic for a compare and contrast essay is not an easy task as it requires a lot of brainstorming. The difficulty in writing such an essay is that you cannot compare and contrast whatever comes in your mind. Things must be connected somehow or show a similar reflection.

There are some aspects that are considered as a pre-requisite for writing a compare and contrast essay. Students must brainstorm and jot down their ideas logically so that they can construct their essay in a way that it looks sequenced to the reader. The format of writing this essay is similar to all other kinds apart from a few major differences. Due to this reason, there are a few students who never take a risk to do this essay by themselves, and they ask professional writers that write an essay for me based on a compare and contrast analysis. The introduction is the first step of your essay; it should be constructed with complete detail that is required to introduce a topic along with a strong and effective thesis statement. If your introduction is eye-catching than the reader will continue to read forward, a boring beginning will make your essay vague.

The second part is the body of your essay which is also the lengthiest part of the whole document. If your topic covers a lot of sub-topics than it might need subheadings as well for a better understanding. The first part of your body should give complete information about the first thing that you are about to compare with the other. The second part should discuss the other topic completely. The next few paragraphs will cover all the negative and positive aspects of both topics derived from authentic and valid sources. Furthermore, it should contain certain pieces of evidence that are required to support your argument either negatively or positively. The last part is the conclusion in which the writer summarizes all his opinions based on the information gathered and sequenced in the essay. Selecting a topic for compare and contrast essay is probably the most difficult task. However, there are a few topic suggestions that can be used to write an eye-catching compare and contrast essay.

  1. Presidential system versus Parliamentary System
  2. Print Media or Electronic Media
  3. E-Marketing verses traditional marketing
  4. American Revolution versus French Revolution
  5. Compare and contrast life with family in a house to a life with strangers in a hostel.
  6. Fiction versus non-fiction
  7. Compare and contrast Realism and Modernism
  8. iPhone versus Android devices
  9. Barack Obama or Donald Trump
  10. Part-time Jobs or full-time jobs; compare and contrast the pros and cons
  11. Plastic money or paper money, highlight the negative and positive aspects
  12. Compare and contrast the political system of The United States of America with The United Kingdom.
  13. Compare and contrast Shakespeare and Charles Dickens
  14. Compare and Contrast the negative and positive outcomes of WWI & WWII
  15. Fictional literature versus Non-Fictional Literature

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