A Step by Step Guide to Writing an Analytical Essay

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Here you will learn the basic structure of an analytical essay, once you learn, you will be ready to write your own essays from scratch. Let’s learn how? Here is the complete guide to writing an analytical essay.

1. What is an Analytical Essay?

Writing an analytical essay is like debating fairly. It is different from other types of essays. Some student confuses it with other forms of essays like an argumentative essay. Still, unlike in argumentative essay, here the essential point is you don't present your point of view, instead explain the topic neutrally along with evidence to support your points.

Often your subject of analysis is a book, a movie, a product, a food item, or a business. Your topic of the review can also be an event or an idea. Once you decide your question, then you can move on to your analysis.

2. How to Write an Analytical Essay?

In order to write an essay, first, you have to prepare for it. You have to collect data, organize the data and then you can finally write your essay. Here are the steps that will help you through the entire process.

2.1 Theme

First of all, you will find out what is it exactly that you are analyzing in the essay. Now as the target is clear, you can move further on your topic to collect some data and structure it to form a perfect essay.

2.2 How to Start an Analytical Essay?

The most difficult part is when you find the thesis statement but you can't figure out where to start. And this is where the problem begins.

So, in an expert's opinion, a draft is the best way to start. You will start with a rough draft, where you will write our main points and create an argument but not like the one in the argumentative essay. This argument is based on the unbiased analysis.

2.3 Prepare Rough Draft

Preparing a rough draft is the best way, to begin with. Start brainstorming and write whatever that comes to your mind about the topic. Now arrange your scrambled data in organized points. Don't forget to write the supporting evidence, it will later help you in proving your point.

Now as you have all the data, form your structure in the form of outlines.

3. Analytical Essay Outline

Here comes the structure part.

Writing outlines is the best and most efficient way to structure your essay in advance and then follow the outlines accordingly. It is the mainframe of the essay you build in the beginning and then you build your essay around it.

An outline helps you collect and organize the scrambled data that you wrote in the draft during the brainstorming part. In your first draft, the data is an absolute mess that we try to put into a structure here in the outline section.

Written below are some main pillars you should include in order to write a perfect essay

3.1 Introduction

The introduction is the part where you give the recipe but not the whole dish. Here you need to write fundamental information and grab the reader's attention to read your essay by creating a bit of excitement for the reader. Do not write facts and figures in the introduction, just provide the reader with the basic idea about your topic and how you are going to prove your point or analyze your main points.

3.1.1 Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is mostly a one-liner and presents the crux of the essay. At the end of the introduction, you will add your thesis statement to help the reader understand the whole picture.

3.2 Body Paragraph

The body paragraph is where you open up and break all the barriers. Here you present all your points, and with the help of supporting material, you prove your point.

You can have multiple body paragraphs, each of them will have its own topic statement followed by its evidence. These are the subparagraphs of the body part which form your analysis.

  • Topic Statement
  • Evidence
  • Sum up

3.2.1 Topic Sentence

As I mentioned above, in the body paragraphs there must be a topic sentence. It is an important part of the text. This is where you bring your point to the table claim something that you need to prove later. And then start your analysis.

In the next paragraph, you will bring out all your supporting content to validate your analysis.

3.2.2 Evidence

I call it the facts and figure part but it has more in it. In this subparagraph, you mentioned all the points that support your thesis on the given topic (which you are analyzing).

It includes statistical data, logical data, and other points like a book by a famous author, publishes content and theories, etc.

3.2.3 Sum up

Now as you have presented a claim and also proved it with the help of the supporting material or data. Here you summarize it and join the dots to help the reason understand why did you do it. And if you don't include this part, your analysis will merely seem like a summary.

Apply the same process for the second and third body paragraph of points or claims that you are supposed to make. And when you are done with all your claims. Move towards concluding the whole essay in the last paragraph.

3.3 Conclusion

Now as the reader might have forgotten some of your points, here is where you write a quick reminder of how you backed your claims with sufficient evidence. Once again you give your reader a broad picture of the essay.

Please avoid bringing anything new to the table as you are done writing your essay, so anything new will sound really weird. All you have to do is, to sum up your points and give a clear picture. That's it.

Another important point is that you have to give your best here in the Conclusion, as it really tests your writing. here you have to connect all your points and present them in a clear and concise way.

4. Tips to Write an Analytical Essay

If you put in a good argument and your analysis is right on point but your writing is ugly and there are spelling and grammar mistakes, it will have a really bad impression. And the reader will consider you naïve and inefficient. So, I suggest a few steps that will make your essay look simple and beautiful.

4.1 Make Your Essay Error-free

Run a thorough grammatical test on your essay before submitting it to your instructor, often high school students don't pay much attention to grammar, which put a bad impression on their reputation as a good student. Don't be that careless student.

4.2 Ask Someone to Read it

Ask your sister to read your essay and spot the mistakes you have made. This will also help you have an idea of your own writing style and mistakes that you made frequently. It will ultimately improve your essay.

4.3 Read it Yourself

Self-assessment is another way to make your essay perfect. You can also find errors by reading your own document.

5. Analytical Essay Topics

There is an infinite number of topics on which you can write an essay like topics from politics, current affairs, scientific inventions, arts, philosophy, the evolution of culture and many more. Here are some topics to choose from:

  1. Impact of higher education on quality of life?
  2. Impact of AI on future jobs?
  3. Is IoT going to take control of all the devices?
  4. Trump making America great again?
  5. Post Millennial Feminism.
  6. New world order.
  7. Street crimes in NYC
  8. US Policy in the Middle East
  9. Cuban Missile Crisis
  10. US Russia Relationship after the cold war
  11. Chinese economy threat to the US

6. Analytical Essay Examples

Here are two examples of an analytical essay, you can download them for reference purposes.

Analytical Essay Example

Analytical Essay Sample

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